Eco and Low Allergy Cleaning

Whether for health reasons or because of an increased awareness about our impact on the world around us,  an increasing number of customers have fairly specialised cleaning requests.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

We try to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible, but we do often use some chemicals in our cleaning products. If you’d prefer to make use of our premium Eco Friendly service, we’ll make sure that we only use natural products such as water, lemon juice, vinegar and soda crystals to carry out our cleaning duties. They’ll still provide perfect results, but some people prefer artificially perfumed products, some don’t!

Look after your Septic Tank!

Another thing to bear in mind is that if you’re in a rural area without mains sewerage, harsh chemicals can be very damaging to the efficient working of septic tanks. This can mean that you have to empty your system much more regularly than you need to. If you think this a possibility, we’ll make sure that we only use bio-degradable products which will have a minimal effect on your septic tank. Again they’re just as effective, but they work differently – its all about your own personal choice.

Low Allergen Cleaning

Many people have allergies and a variety of different agents can be responsible, ranging from dust mites to mould spores, pet dander and pollen.

If these factors are liable to affect you, we’ll clean and sanitise your house to the highest standard using perfume free natural substances – perfume can often aggravate many allergic responses – but for further allergy security, we’ll also make sure to use clean dusters and cloths and your own hoover to make sure we don’t pollute your home with someone else’s dust mites or animal dander.