Domestic Cleaning

We will clean your home to the highest possible standard making sure to do everything just the way you like it.

We offer flexible packages tailored to your own individual needs and can tackle anything from a quick tidy and spruce up to an intensively deep clean.

The lighter options will involve:

  • hoovering
  • dusting
  • polishing
  • emptying the bins
  • washing wooden floors

And the more intensive services would include all of the above but might also include:

  • cleaning painted surfaces
  • washing walls
  • cleaning the inside of windows
  • polishing hard floors
  • beating rugs

We can also offer more unusual services like doing your weekly shop or picking up prescriptions, and our in house laundry service Fentons, can wash soft covers or curtains.

We also offer help with gardening or odd jobs around the house with our Hands On Handyman service.

If you’re not sure, just ask!