About Us

Our Company Ethos

Hands On Cleaning Services will treat you as a individual and will always strive to provide the very best service, individually tailored to your own particular needs. Whether a domestic of commercial client, we are very aware that we are within your own individual space and that you’ll have your own rules and ideas about how you like things to be done. So when we first meet we’ll take plenty of time to make sure we’ve fully understood your specific requirements before we lift a duster.

We also understand that privacy is of particular significance to our domestic clients. We realise that we are coming into your home and will always treat you and your house and with the utmost respect. For security purposes, and your own peace of mind, nobody will come to visit you unless you have been formally introduced to them. We also understand that you, and in many cases, your pets, like to see the same member of staff rather than a different person every week so we always strive to give you reliable continuity of service with the same person. Indeed, in the unlikely event that a member of staff doesn’t suit you, we’ll introduce another – no fuss!

We come fully equipped!

To keep it simple we bring everything we’re likely to need to do our various jobs. This means we’ll bring everything from our own vacuum cleaners right down to our own cloths, cleaning fluids, polishes and sprays. If you have a preference for a particular product please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.